Acting HOM/FC commissions a rejuvenated clinic in Goli

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3 Jul 2022

Acting HOM/FC commissions a rejuvenated clinic in Goli

Abyei, 03 July 2022 – The acting Head of Mission/Force Commander UNISFA, Major General Benjamin Olufemi Sawyerr, recently commissioned the dormant clinic in Goli rehabilitated by the Pakistani Battalion (PAKBATT-1) serving under the United Nations Interim Security Force for Abyei (UNSFA).

General Sawyerr congratulated the officers and men of the battalion for being a true reflection of their motto – STEADFAST, and the long history of the Unit, which is known for professionalism and dedication, noting that their performance has not come to him as a surprise. He reminded the troop that the mission is reconfigured into a multi-national force with the mandate to protect civilians, and to coordinate with the humanitarian agencies as well as the Community Liaison Office to provide humanitarian assistance and achieve peace among the communities. He further noted that he was pleased that the PAKBATT-1 had done everything to ensure that the mandate is been fully implemented.

Let me use this opportunity to salute your courage, your bravery, and your act of professionalism which you have displayed within the past three months that you have been deployed”, said General Sawyerr, adding, “I have monitored  how you go out both day and night to ensure that the people are protected, you have arrested a lot of people, ceased lots of weapons, which have been destroyed, and you have made sector North which used to be very volatile to be calm”.

General Sawyerr said that he particularly noted that within the short time of their arrival in the mission, PAKBATT-1 has assisted UNISFA to build trust between the locals and UNISFA, conducted series of community related projects including the rejuvenation of the medical clinic at Goli which he had just commissioned, carried out seminars and workshops to promote women empowerment to build peace among the youths and to bring peace even in the Amiet market.

The Force Commander reminded them of the United Nations’ zero tolerance on issues of sexual exploitation and cautioned them against action that would dent the image of their country. “I also want to urge you to remain the disciplined Pakistani troops that I know, to be steadfast in all what you do and to put in all what you have to ensure that UNISFA mandate is achieved”. He charged them to work closely with the civilian component to build trust and mutually work towards mandate implementation, assuring them that the mission is working very hard to improve on their welfare.

The Ag HoM and FC applauded the Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Abdul Manan, for establishing peace and stability in Sector North, and for engaging troops in constructive activities for the benefit of the local community, including the provision of humanitarian assistance. He urged troops to work with same dedication and be an example for others to follow. He directed the officers and troops to remain STEADFAST against all odds. He expressed his complete satisfaction of the operational preparedness of the contingent

The Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel. Abdul Manan rendered commitment to UNISFA Ag Homs and FC on behalf of all ranks, stressing that the rejuvenation of the clinic is part of PAKBATT’s determination to ensure mandate implementation by promoting activities that would win the hearts and minds of the local populace. Col. Manan stated that since taking over responsibilities of Sector North on 15th March 2022, their efforts have been geared towards the provision of basic amenities of life to which the rejuvenation of the health clinic at Goli is just the first step.  Lieutenant Colonel Manan also assured the Ag HoM and FC that his vision to serve and protect humanity will be manifested at the grassroots level by PAKBATT-1.