UN Mine Action Service


ROUTE VERIFICATION AND CLEARANCE TEAMS (RVCT): Survey, verify, and clear UNISFA priority routes and Joint Border Verification and Monitoring Mechanism (JBVMM) to ensure safe passage

INTEGRATED CLEARANCE TEAM (ICT): Survey and clear UNISFA and JBVMM Safe Demilitarised Border Zone (SDBZ) priority areas of explosive hazards

JBVMM PATROL SUPPORT TEAMS (PST): Provide JBVMM ground patrols with mine protected vehicles and demining crews to safely patrol the SDBZ

WEAPONS AND AMMUNITION MANAGEMENT (WAM): Provide UNISFA with technical support and equipment in weapons and ammunition destruction in the Abyei Administrative Area

MINE RISK EDUCATION (MRE): Provide landmine/ERW risk awareness to UNISFA personnel and communities at risk in the Abyei Administrative Area