Ghanaian battalion deploys to UNISFA as part of Multinational Force

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24 Jan 2022

Ghanaian battalion deploys to UNISFA as part of Multinational Force

As part of the UNISFA reconfiguration into a Multinational Force, the advance party of the Ghanaian battalion has deployed to Abyei. The team, comprising of 134 troops, arrived in the Mission on 24 January 2022, and was welcomed by the Force Commander and Acting Head of Mission Major General Kefyalew Amde Tessema.

Ghana is to deploy a battalion of 570 troops to the UNISFA area of operation. The battalion will be made up of 45 officers and 525 soldiers. (498 male and 72 female). The additional 436 troops are expected to deploy over the coming months.

Ghabatt will be deployed in Sector South and likely to occupy positions in Athony, Agok, Leu, Tajalei and Marial Achak. This deployment is to effectively dominate Sector South in order ensure the successful implementation of the UNISFA Mandate. To achieve this Ghabatt will conduct patrols and escort duties, establish observation posts, checkpoints and operating bases, control civil disturbances, provide security to UN personnel and installation, provide security escort to humanitarian aid agencies, monitor and report on violations according to the Abyei agreement among others.

The Advance Company is made up of 5 officers and 129 soldiers. The Company is currently located in the Swing Camp at the UNISFA FHQ in Abyei Town and currently focused on camp security. Some of the troops have temporarily deploy troops to Kadugli, Abu Quassah and Tishwin to hold key UN positions in support of the evacuation exercise for the Ethiopian battalion.

Additionally, part of the Advance Company would be liaising with troops in Sector South to ensure the successful takeover from the Ethiopians.