More than 500 gather in Agok for traffic safety campaign

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13 Apr 2018

More than 500 gather in Agok for traffic safety campaign

With the increase of road accidents reported in the Abyei area, the United Nations Interim Security Force for Abyei (UNISFA) UN Police (UNPOL) emphasizes the importance of carrying out more road traffic safety awareness campaigns to reach out to more communities in Abyei.


Following the launch of the awareness campaign in February this year at the Amiet market, UNPOL conducted a campaign in Agok town where it targeted drivers, cyclists, cattle herders, pedestrians, as well as school children. In Agok, some schools are situated along the Agok-Abyei highway, and a large number of human traffic in the town has redefined the focus to pedestrians.


During the campaign, UNPOL Reform and Restructuring Coordinator SP. Hussein Mdoe reiterated the importance of safeguarding life. In his remarks, he indicated that without safety along the road, many developmental issues would be affected.


The campaign team focused on educating people gathered on the causes of road accidents as well as the strategies to reduce accidents.


The UNPOL campaign team distributed pamphlets and displayed posters with messages and information for drivers and pedestrians to more than 500 people including school children gathered in Agok. The materials distributed serve as a source of information and reminder beyond the campaign period.