UNISFA Force Commander/Acting Head of Mission outlines priorities

15 Sep 2016

UNISFA Force Commander/Acting Head of Mission outlines priorities

The Force Commander /Acting Head of Mission of Mission for the United Nations Interim Security Force for Abyei (UNISFA), Major General Hassen Ebrahim Mussa, announced at a town-hall meeting at the mission’s Headquarters in Abyei that his administration will give top priority to staff welfare, safety and security as well as to building excellent relationship with staff members.

General Hassen who promised to work with all components of the mission in making things better and improve team spirit, also announced that his administration would harness the skills and experiences of all staff members in order to achieve efficiency and effectiveness and avoid duplication and waste of scares resources.

The Force Commander stated that UNISFA would continue to facilitate and support regular grass-roots level interaction initiated by the Ngok Dinka and Misseriya communities in that absence of AJOC-led initiatives, adding that such communal interactions are indicative of the genuine desire of the communities to achieve peaceful co-existence. He noted that the absence the Abyei Area Administration, Abyei Area Council and Abyei Police Service as envisioned in the implementation of the 20 June 2011 Agreement on temporary administrative and security arrangements for Abyei signed by the governments of Sudan and South Sudan as well as denial of landing permission leading to cancellation of aerial patrols continues to hamper the operations of the mission.

General Hassen decried the lack of substantial progress on the peace process and the uneasy relationship between Sudan and South Sudan, stressing that despite UNISFA’s sustained effort to further the political process, its success in building trust, mutual understanding and confidence between the Parties remains trapped in this situation with the consequence that UNISFA continues to implement its mandate in a politically difficult and climatically challenging environment.

General Hassen applauded UNISFA troops for the robust day and night patrols and area domination initiatives despite security and environmental challenges. He noted that these efforts coupled with the conflict mitigation strategy have helped to provide and maintain peace and security under the prevailing circumstances. He stated that UNISFSA mandate reflects the commitment of the international community in the search for peace and stability for the people of Abyei and called on all staff members to work together towards this end as one strong and united UNISFA team.