UNISFA holds workshop on customary law, peacebuilding and human rights for Misseriya

26 May 2018

UNISFA holds workshop on customary law, peacebuilding and human rights for Misseriya

A two-day workshop on ‘Customary Law, Peace Building and Human Rights’ for Misseriya customary law judges, youth union members, community leaders, and members of the Peace Committee members, school representatives and NGOs, was held between 8 and 9 May 2018 at the operations base of the United Nations Interim Security Force for Abyei (UNISFA) in Diffra.

A total of 53 persons including ten women attended the workshop aimed at sensitizing customary law practitioners on the importance of Misseriya Customary law in promoting law, order and peaceful co-existence.

Discussions revolved in the different approaches to peacebuilding, as well as and role of traditional justice, system including the connection between justice and peace through the mechanism of customary law justice system and process. Participants were also introduced to the concept of customary law with specific emphasis on Misseriya customary law and its relationship with the civil law.

During the workshop, participants ascertained that the traditional law system has served them perfectly well and is in accord with the civil and sharia legal system.

Participants recommended to look into the issue of the surge of criminal activities in the area and suggested that the matter should be addressed immediately. The need to constitute committees and subcommittees at the community level to address the societal decadence and threat to security and peace was also agreed.  A gathering of Misseriya leaders will be conducted agreed venue and time to harmonize the work of the sub-committees.

Due to the salience of the traditional law system, recommended was more training courses and follow up programmes will be organized for the traditional court leaders. The group also discussed that future training programs and workshops should bring both traditional court judges from the Misseriya and Dinka communities to maximize the benefit of opportunities.